Is a holiday on the Côte d’Azur right for you?

Since your holidays are special and in short supply, it is important to choose your next destination with the utmost care. We love our Côte d’Azur but does it tick all the right boxes for you? Detailed checklist:

1: You only like bathing in warm, blue seawater.

Perfect! Some coasts offer pretty green or brownish colours but only the French Riviera can pride itself on the big clear blue with all of its enchanting nuances: lagoon blue in Nice, navy blue in the distance, ultramarine from the surrounding beaches… All of this under a pure clear blue sky.

As for the temperature of the water, this reaches 25/ 26 degrees from mid-July and, as such, getting in the water is no longer a long ordeal but, on the contrary, a pure delight when it’s hot.

2: you like to party but you also enjoy peace and quiet.

As you know, in the South we spend our evenings partying on the beaches as well as in the nightclubs and bars that give the Côte d’Azur its party reputation.

In Old Nice, towards Juan les Pins or in Cannes it is not difficult to find a thousand and one places to have fun into the early hours – our reputation is well-founded.

But the Côte d’Azur is also an infinite number of peaceful places, in the shade fine rental villas, residences that are as luxurious as they are quiet, hills where the vast hinterland looms. So you can also come to Nice to spend a few weeks sipping your cocktail by the pool, listening to the cicadas and conjugating the verb “to relax” in all its tenses.

3: Sea or mountains? You refuse to choose.

Nice is famous for offering its Summer visitors the dual luxury of a coast full of attractions and the proximity of the Alps. You can spend one day at the beach and the next hiking in a village at high altitude.

Here there is no need to do without the fresh air and beauty of alpine pastures just because you have booked a property by the sea…

Trying your hand at paddle boarding in the Mediterranean and going to see marmots in their natural habitat around the springs of the Var? There is just one place where you can do both on the same holiday: it’s the region around Nice.

4: you are partial to Mediterranean cuisine.

You are well aware that dieticians are unanimous in recognising the benefits of the cuisine of the South: the triumvirate of olive oil, fish and vegetables is a perfect combination for anyone who wants to maintain their figure but also anyone wishing to stay in good health. What’s more, it’s delicious.

The Riviera’s recent history is Italian. So if you like pasta and polenta, you will be delighted by the passion of local restaurateurs for ravioli, tagliatelle, linguine and other pasta.

Of course we are also fans of ice cream. And apparently that is a little less healthy. But everyone has their flaws, right?

5: Quite simply, you love beauty.

Nice is a work of art: it has all the beauty of Italian cities with its yellows, pinks and Roman tiles…. But that’s not all: the Belle Epoque architecture in some districts is worthy of admiration. You will also come across the splendid buildings left here by Queen Victoria and her English aristocrats, the Czar of Russia and his court and the archaeological remains of Cimiez. It’s all truly magnificent!

And after climbing a short distance up the hill, with the panoramic views of the nearby Baie des Anges, Cap Ferrat and Cap d’Antibes, you will see landscapes that will take your breath away. There is no doubt:  on the Côte d’Azur beauty is all around for anyone who knows where to look.


If you tick 3 or 4 of the boxes (or even 5), there is no doubt: you should spend your next holiday on the Côte d’Azur. And ideally to take full advantage you should rent an apartment or villa!

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