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How to Choose Your Next Holiday Rental Property

Holidays are well deserved, and the fruit of your hard work. They are beneficial for both body and soul!So far, nothing new!

However, they can be fraught with problems if you make the wrong choice, especially when it comes to finding the ideal rental property!

We’re therefore going to give you some tips to ensure your holiday will be a success!

Choosing a Rental Agency

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, choose a recognised, professional rental agency, which specialises in the area and has been established for several years.

The advantage of this approach is that you’ll be guaranteed a home that’s ready to move into and is certified by the profession, and has insurance cover to protect you!

To be avoided:  agencies that put holidaymakers and landlords in contact with each other – in some cases you are left to yourself when it comes to dealing with contracts, handing over the keys, etc.

The Rental Criteria

Once the choice of service provider has been made, it’s time to choose the rental service, because, yes, it’s important – the wrong choice reduces your chances of having a good holiday by 50%!

Among the most important criteria are:

  • The price of the rental property:  pay attention to the services that are included in your rental!  Ask for a full description!

For example, you can find similar rental properties with a price difference of just a few euros.

However, if one of them offers cleaning services when you leave, give it priority – it will save you a lot of time!

  • The geographical location:  It all depends on what you are looking for.  However, you will probably wish to visit places and go for walks.  Choose a rental property near the town centre, or if you have a car. Make sure you don’t choose a rental property that is more than 10-15 minutes from the nearest town.
  • Comfort:  we’re not talking about luxury, but basic services. Such as cleanliness, amenities, equipment (air conditioning and an Internet connection).

Nos location dans l’hyper-centre de Nice

Make Sure that Someone will be on Site

Before pressing the “book” button, make sure that when you arrive on site. There’ll be someone to help if there’s a problem!

For example:  you want to go out for a walk and admire the sunset on the Côte d’Azur.  Unfortunately, you lose the keys to the rental property (this often happens).  You’ll be pleased to find someone who can solve your problem in half an hour!

The Contract and Conditions for Cancellation

A proper, valid contract is an additional guarantee of a successful holiday!
According to Article L. 324-2 of the Tourism Code, “Any offer or seasonal rental contract must be in writing and must state the price charged and a description of the premises.”

Read the contract carefully, particularly the various clauses.

With regard to the Terms and Conditions, in general, there is provision for cancellation.  But BE CAREFUL – these may only take effect under certain conditions, such as force majeure, death, illness, etc.

If you pay attention to these few criteria, we guarantee you a trouble-free holiday, which you will enjoy to the full!

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