An excursion to the land of perfume

An excursion to the land of perfume Grasse France

Nestled in the hills, a stone’s throw from the coast, explore Grasse, the world capital of perfume making.

Famous perfume houses: Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard.

Fragonard offers tours of its factory with a guide who will explain how perfume and derivative products such as soup and candles are made. You will also find a number of Fragonard stores in Grasse, Eze, Nice and even in the airport for last-minute purchases.

View of the Fragonard factory - Grasse France

At Molinard, you will discover magnificent collections of bottles signed by the greatest award-winning master glassmakers René Lalique, Baccarat and others. The factory also offers tours and workshops for young and old.

The Maison Galimard also offers a tour of its factory with perfume-making experts as guides. Take in some very fine collections as well as old machines and the techniques and secrets of the production process. Workshops are also on offer.

The skills related to perfume in Grasse are on Unesco’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

An International Perfume Museum in Grasse

Wander around the International Perfume Museum in Grasse, to see some exceptional raw materials. This museum is designed around 15th century battlements and is laden with history. Its public collections are brimming with artefacts (over 50,000 exceptional products) and recount the history of greatest perfume houses in the world.

This museum is a testament to the traditions, scents and various fragrances (manufacture, design etc.). Journey back into the past and see perfume making techniques that are the result of unique skills that have been in existence for over four thousand years.

Musée international de la parfumerie Grasse

A trail in the midst of aromatic plants

Continue on your excursion through the gardens of the International Perfume Museum in Mouans-Sartoux. An olfactory immersion amongst fragrant flowers and natural medicinal plants. Lavender, rose, jasmine, over 6 acres of plants are there for you to enjoy in this superb garden.

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Garden of the International Perfumery Museum in Mouans-Sartoux

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